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Jingle Progress

One of the high-priority items on our roadmap for 2007 is completing work on Jingle, the set of XMPP extensions for voice and video that we first published in late 2005. Although it's taken us about 16 months, we are getting quite close to advancing the Jingle specifications to Draft status within our standards process. Jingle, originally based on the technology defined by Google Talk team, is now widely used in the One Laptop Per Child project as well as in the Nokia 770 and the Nokia 800.

Today we updated five of the main Jingle specs:Jingle core, Jingle Audio via RTP, Jingle Video via RTP, Jingle ICE Transport, and Jingle Raw UDP Transport.

These specs should be ready for Last Call very soon now, so stay tuned for further updates.

Posted by stpeter on April, 17, 2007 - filed under misc