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Testing 1-2-3

One of the roadmap items we discussed at the XMPP Summit in late February was the need to certify that XMPP clients and servers comply with our protocol specifications.

While eventually we would like to have a formal certification program, we recently have taken two steps toward that goal:

  1. The publication of basic and intermediate certification levels for clients and servers in XEP-0211, XEP-0212, and XEP-0213.
  2. The launch of the XMPP Interoperability Testing Network, a private network of servers that XMPP developers can use for testing their code against a wide range of server and client implementations.

Both of these efforts should begin to yield results in the next few months, resulting in a better, more consistent experience for end users and server administrators alike.

Posted by stpeter on May, 04, 2007 - filed under misc