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Every year is an election for the XMPP Standards Foundation, because since 2001 we have elected a new XMPP Council (our technical leadership team) and a new Board of Directors (our business leadership team) in late August or September.

Naturally, this year is no exception.

As XSF Secretary Alexander Gnauck recently announced, we will be holding our election meeting on September 27, although our online voting process will begin on September 8. In accordance with our bylaws, any XSF member is welcome to stand for election to the Council, and any person is welcome to stand for election to the Board. Simply create an appropriate page on the wiki before September 7 and you will automatically be considered for election.

We're always looking for smart, dedicated people to serve on the Board and Council, so don't be shy.

If you have questions about the responsibilities and time commitments, feel free to ask any of the current or past Board and Council members, or talk with XSF Executive Director Peter Saint-Andre.

Posted by stpeter on August, 15, 2007 - filed under misc