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Jingle Update

We issued a Last Call on the Jingle specifications on November 21st. So why have they not yet advanced to a status of Draft within the XSF's standards process?

There are several reasons:

  • The end-of-year holidays intervened.
  • We are gathering detailed feedback from a wide variety of implementors, including Google Talk, Nokia, Asterisk, and the One Laptop Per Child Project (via Collabora).
  • We are defining a thorough mappingbetween Jingle and SIP for multimedia session negotiation, and still need to define the mapping in the direction from SIP to Jingle.
  • We are working on some specifications that describe how to use Jingle as the method for negotiating additional session types (for example, file transfer and whiteboarding) so we can make sure that Jingle semantics are reusable for applications other than voice and video.

These efforts should be finished in the next few weeks, which will enable the XMPP Council to vote on advancing the Jingle specifications during its in-person meeting at the XMPP devcon in Brussels on February 24-25.

Posted by stpeter on January, 28, 2008 - filed under misc