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IM Service Migration

Here at the XMPP Standards Foundation, we're not just a bunch of protocol geeks. As firm believers in the old IETF mantra of "rough consensus and running code", we run one of the most central nodes on the XMPP network: the IM service.

A lot of care and attention goes into running this service: hardware, hosting, software, and precious time donated by a dedicated group of volunteers. All of those factors were in evidence during our just-completed migration of the service to a new machine. Special thanks are due to the following companies and individuals:

  • HP donated a powerful new machine that will be dedicated to providing this service. Paul Holland, Kartik Subbarao, and Dann Frazier deserve particular recognition for their assistance.
  • Jerry Pasker of United States Secure Hosting Center once again went above and beyond the call of duty regarding physical hosting and support services. Thanks also to Jer, Jason, and Seth for getting the machine installed and configured.
  • The ejabberd project builds the software that we run for this service. The good folks at Process-one, especially Mickaël Rémond, provided invaluable assistance with bug fixes and real-time support.
  • Our dedicated team of infrastructure volunteers put in lots of time, often at odd hours, to make this migration a reality. We could not have done it without work by Jonathan Siegle, Florian Jensen, Kevin Smith, Dave Cridland, Matthew Wild, Jack Moffitt, Alexander Gnauck, Niek Bergman, and others (you know who you are!).

Now that we have migrated the service to a new machine, we look forward to rolling out some new features that were not possible on our old machine.

Stay tuned for details...

Posted by stpeter on May, 22, 2008 - filed under misc