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XMPP Roundup #2

This is the second in what we hope will be a regular (perhaps even weekly) roundup of blog posts, announcements, and news stories relating to and featuring XMPP.

The roundup is compiled by trawling through Google News Alerts for occurrences of 'XMPP' and is most definitely not comprehensive. If you are aware of items this roundup of the past week's news has missed or wish to submit posts of your own, then please contact any member of the Board.


Enjit announced the availability (early beta) of their IM service that enables users to receive social networking site updates, via FreindFeed,  on their XMPP client. You can read more about Enjit here, more about FriendFeed here and this post by Jesse Stay explains the whole setup in more detail. One of Enjit's founders, Dustin, posted a comment to the Jesse Stays blog which wins the award for quote of the week:

"Why XMPP? Because all of the other networks need to die. Soon."

His comments are well worth reading in full.


ProcessOne announced the availability of their OneTeam IM client for the iPhone. You can read more about OneTeam for iPhone here.


A number of people commented on Gnip's decision to suspend their XMPP support, including the XSF's own Peter St.Andre. Both comments in the Gnip blog post and Peter's post ask the same question - why remove XMPP when the issue doesn't seem to be with XMPP, more one of problems with consumers of the data? Interestingly when ReadWriteWeb reported the Gnip decision as a judgment on "half-baked" XMPP, Eric Marcoullier of Gnip jumped into the comments on the post to say:

"To be clear, we haven't said XMPP is half-baked. It's a badass protocol with huge potential."

XMPP BBC programmes 'bot

Duncan Robertson, currently working for the BBC in London has, as a spare time project, built a BBC programmes bot, accessible via XMPP. You can read about it here.


Finally, Rami Taibah at the Daily Artisan namechecks XMPP in his list of 7 Apps every Open Source enthusiast should brag about.

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