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XMPP Roundup #3

In a relatively slow week for XMPP-related news:


Web Worker Daily, amongst others, reported on the launch of 'Deadline' a web-based reminder service with a plain english interface which uses email and XMPP IM to send reminders of appointments and tasks.


FriendFeed co-founder Bret Taylor joined the Gilmore Gang podcast to talk about their release of XMPP realtime services. The podcast is worth a listen, with the XMPP specific discussions starting at 15:30 into the show.

IBM Blue Spruce

IBM gave ReadWriteWeb a first look at Blue Spruce, a complete browser-based application development platform that the company has been working on for the last 5 months and plans to launch around 2010. Blue Spruce combines a Co-Web Server and a Client Toolkit, which together provide a development platform that enables developers to push their applications to the browser. Server and Client communicate using XMPP. Slightly more detail can be found in an article on CMS Wire.

Posted by willsheward on November, 18, 2008 - filed under misc