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XMPP Roundup #4

Is There a New Successor to SIP?

Is XMPP is set to overthrow SIP as the VoIP signaling king? Tsahi Levent-Levi, a system architect at RADVISION, thinks it's a possibility.

Codebits 2008 

XSF Member Pedro Melo has posted the content of his "XMPP - Hands On" presentation at Codebits 2008 (a Portuguese event hosted by Portuguese Telecoms company ). The presentation itself is in Portuguese, the code accompanying it is, obviously, not :-)

XMPP & Groupware

Another XSF Member, Nicolas Vérité, alerts us to a piece of XMPP groupware news -  that Thomas Cataldo has integrated XMPP instant messaging into MiniG, a webmail client for the OBM groupware solution (there's a short video demo on Thomas' blog). and notes that Zimbra, another groupware product also integrates Openfire.


Sjoerd Simons has announced on the Jingle ML a new spec called Mingle, describing Multi-User Jingle Voice sessions :

Cloud Standardization: Unified Cloud Interface (UCI)

XMPP as a unified cloud interface component? Reuvan Cohen, of Enomaly, talks enthusiastically about implementing the Unified Cloud Interface (UCI) as a XEP. Reuvan doesn't appear to be on the XSF members list, perhaps he should be?

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