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A quick report from day 1 of FOSDEM. The Dev room was packed for virtually every session (standing room only as you can see from a selection of pictures below) and every talk, despite problems with the FOSDEM wi-fi, was well received.

We'll hopefully post short summaries of the talks at a later date once the speakers have recovered from their hangovers and/or stopped eating bacon.

[caption id="attachment_250" align="aligncenter" width="422" caption=""A Fast-Paced Introduction to XMPP" - Remko Tronçon, Peter Saint-Andre"]"A Fast-Paced Introduction to XMPP" - Remko Tronçon, Peter Saint-Andre[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_251" align="aligncenter" width="422" caption=""PubSub and the Web" - Nathan Fritz"]"PubSub and the Web" - Nathan Fritz[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_252" align="aligncenter" width="422" caption=""Geolocation" - Simon Tennant"]"Geolocation" - Simon Tennant[/caption]

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