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Integrating XMPP into Web Technologies @ FOSDEM 2009

Jack Moffitt, CEO of Chesspark, gave a talk at FOSDEM 2009 onIntegrating XMPP into Web Technologies. Jack has kindly made the slides available in PDF format,  together with a simple application example (.zip).

[caption id="attachment_321" align="aligncenter" width="422" caption="Jack Moffitt presenting at FOSDEM 2009"]Jack Moffitt presenting at FOSDEM 2009[/caption]

In his own words:

"XMPP makes a perfect companion to Web application that need > asynchronous, real time notifications.  The Strophe library provides > XMPP support for JavaScript with a simple API.  Its design and usage > are explained, and then a simple application is demonstrated using the > library."

Jack's blog can be found at and you can follow Jack on (

Posted by willsheward on March, 11, 2009 - filed under misc