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Board and Council Elections

Once a year, the XMPP Standards Foundation holds elections for its Board of Directors and for the XMPP Council. That time is now, so the XSF is actively soliciting people to stand for election. Here is the division of responsibilities between the two groups:

  1. The Board provides business leadership for the XSF by handling things like fundraising, contracts, grants, legal issues, planning the XMPP Summit meetings, and choosing volunteers for various official posts such as the Secretary and Executive Director. Those who serve on the Board are not required to be elected members of the XSF.

  2. The Council provides technical leadership for the XSF by managing the XSF's standards process, deciding which proposals to accept as official XEPs, voting on advancement of XEPs through the process from Experimental to Draft to Final, and providing oversight for the functions of the XMPP Extensions Editor and the XMPP Registrar. Those who serve on the XMPP Council are required to be elected members of the XSF.

If you are interested in standing for election, please visit and create a page about your candidacy by the close of business on Friday, September 11, 2009.

Posted by stpeter on September, 01, 2009 - filed under misc