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Developers Challenge (with prizes!!)

Hey everyone!

Less than 3 weeks left until the XMPP Summit #8 comes to Brussels. This year, we've got something new! Nokia has generously offered to sponsor a mobile XMPP developer challenge.

What does that mean?

Starting from NOW, you can start writing a mobile application for ANY Nokia platform (Maemo / S60v3 / S60v5 ...).

The requirements are:

  • The program must be FREELY available; OpenSource is preferred.
  • The application needs to be demoed on a Nokia Phone (we have demo devices on location) on the XMPP Summit (Monday). If you are not attending the Summit, find someone who is, and can demo / explain the app, and collect the prize.
  • Limit of 1 application per attendee.
  • Substantially new code, as decreed on the day by the judges. (If you have questions, the judges will give guidance, but the final decision will be made on the day)
  • Judges aren't eligible.
  • And of course: The application needs to use XMPP in some way.

The judges are: Jack Moffitt (XSF Board Chairman); Kevin Smith (XSF Council Chairman); Kristian Luoma (Nokia)

So what can I win?

We have one Nokia N900 generously sponsored by Nokia which the judges will hand over to the best application.

We will also have a second prize, whose winner is chosen by all the attendees (participants excluded). This prize consists of 2 XMPP books (XMPP: The Definitive Guide; Professional XMPP Programming with Javascript and Jquery) and an official XMPP T-Shirt.

So, open up those text editors and start coding, and good luck!

Posted by admin on January, 21, 2010 - filed under misc