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XMPP Summit 6

The sixth XMPP Summit to be held by the XMPP Standards Foundation will occur on February 6-9, 2009, in Brussels, Belgium (the same weekend as FOSDEM 2009).

Friday, February 6: Jingle Thingle

A hackfest and brainstorming session for Jingle developers who want to code and test their implementations (primarily voice and video, but we will also discuss file transfer, end-to-end encryption, and other use cases). The tentative schedule is 9:30 to 4:30 but it may run later (but not too late because we don't want to miss the FOSDEM Beer Event!). Location: Hotel Bedford.

If you would like to participate in the Jingle Thingle (thanks to Dave Cridland for the name!), please say so on the mailing list or contact Peter Saint-Andre.

The following people are likely to participate:

  1. Dan-Cristian Bogos (ITSysCom)
  2. Thiago Camargo (Nimbuzz)
  3. Detlev Casanova (Kopete)
  4. Diana Cionoiu (Yate Project)
  5. Olivier Crête (Collabora)
  6. Dave Cridland (Isode)
  7. Fabio Forno (bluendoooros)
  8. Nathan Fritz (Seesmic)
  9. Alfonso De Gregorio (
  10. Dafydd Harries (Collabora)
  11. Kristian Luoma (Nokia)
  12. Robert McQueen (Collabora)
  13. Dirk Meyer (TZI)
  14. Massimiliano Mirra (Sameplace)
  15. Marian Podgoreanu (Yate Project)
  16. Johann Prieur (TANDBERG)
  17. Senko Rasic (Collabora)
  18. Ali Sabil (TANDBERG)
  19. Peter Saint-Andre (XSFCisco)
  20. Sjoerd Simons (Collabora)
  21. Luca Tagliaferri (bluendoooros)
  22. Remko Tronçon (Psi Project)
  23. Paul Witty (CodianTANDBERG)

Saturday, February 7: Devroom @ FOSDEM

From 13:00 until 19:00 we will have a devroom where we can host tutorials, presentations, demos, and lightning talks at FOSDEM 2009. Location: ULB Solbosh Campus (see logistics), Building AW, Room 1.120.

If you would like to be a speaker, please contact Peter Saint-Andre. We especially want technical talks of interest to open-source geeks. No marketing fluff, please! The typical talk will be 15 minutes with 15 minutes for discussion.

The proposed schedule is as follows.

Time Speaker(s) Topic
13:00 - 14:00 Peter Saint-Andre ([XSF]( and Remko Tronçon ([Psi]( XMPP 101: A Fast-Paced Introduction to XMPP Technologies
14:00 - 14:30 Nathan Fritz ([Seesmic]( [PubSub](/about-xmpp/technology-overview/pubsub/) and the Web
14:30 - 15:00 Jack Moffitt ([StanzIQ]( / [ChessPark]( Integrating XMPP into Web Technologies
15:00 - 15:30 Simon Tennant ([BuddyCloud]( Geolocation
15:30 - 16:00 Diana Cionoiu ([Yate]( Deploying [Jingle](/about-xmpp/technology-overview/jingle/)
16:00 - 16:30 Dirk Meyer ([TZI]( Personal Media Networks
16:30 - 17:00 Florian Jensen ([Flosoft]( Large-Scale XMPP Deployments
17:00 - 17:30 Mickaël Rémond ([ProcessOne]( XMPP in Real Life (Attacks, Bad Behaviors, and How to Cope with Them)
17:30 - 18:00 Dave Cridland ([Isode]( Presenting Information Flow in Deployed XMPP Clients
18:00 - 19:00 Miscellaneous Lightning Talks!

Sunday, February 8: FOSDEM

Developers are free to attend the second day of the FOSDEM conference. We'll need help manning the booth and attending talks to spread the word about XMPP. Also expect many interesting "hallway" discussions and continued hacking in the background.

Sunday, February 8: Birthday Dinner

The XSF will hold its bi-annual dinner this year in a small, authentic Belgian restaurant just outside of Brussels. It's the 10th Birthday of Jabber/XMPP technologies this year so help us celebrate! The restaurant easily reachable from the ULB and the city centre. If you aren't attending FOSDEM on Sunday, we can give you easy directions from anywhere in Brussels. This year's dinner is a bit different, as it's not paid by the XSF but by several sponsors. The event will be held at Auberge Bretonne starting at 19:00. If you would like to participate in the dinner, please send a mail to the summit mailinglist or ping Florian Jensen.

Depending on the amount of sponsorships / donations we receive, the price will vary. It shouldn't be more than 25€ per person.

Contact Florian if you would like to participate or donate! Sponsors / Donations:

  1. AG-Software (100€)
  2. (75€)
  3. Thomas Koeppen (50€)
  4. Isode Ltd. (200€)
  5. Nokia (1000€)
  6. StanzIQ (75€)
  7. oorosbluendo (100€)
  8. Peter Saint-Andre (75€)
  9. ProcessOne (200€)


  1. Alex Borisov
  2. Thiago Camargo
  3. Ruxi Chitescu
  4. Diana Cionoiu (veg.)
  5. Pascaline Chotard (veg.)
  6. Blaine Cook (veg.)
  7. Dave Cridland
  8. Fabio Forno
  9. Athena Fritz
  10. Nathan Fritz
  11. Alexander Gnauck
  12. Alfonso De Gregorio
  13. Klaus Hartke
  14. Artur Hefczyc
  15. Florian Jensen
  16. Olle E. Johansson
  17. Thomas Koeppen
  18. Anand Kumria
  19. Kristian Luoma
  20. Alexey Melnikov
  21. Ralph Meijer
  22. Massimiliano Mirra (veg.)
  23. Dirk Meyer
  24. Jack Moffitt
  25. Edwin Mons
  26. Adam Nemeth
  27. Roberto Ostinelli
  28. Jehan Pagès
  29. Johann Prieur
  30. Mickaël Rémond
  31. Ali Sabil
  32. Peter Saint-Andre
  33. Jonathan Schleifer
  34. Will Sheward
  35. Luca Tagliaferri
  36. Simon Tennant
  37. Winfried Tilanus
  38. Remko Tronçon
  39. Matthew Wild
  40. Paul Witty
  41. Hellekin O. Wolf (veg.)
  42. Christopher Zorn
  43. Nathan Zorn

Monday, February 9: XMPP Summit

The official "XMPP Summit" itself: Intensive discussions among core XMPP developers to solve pressing problems in the XMPP protocol stack. The main topics will probably be mobile optimizations, file transfer, and end-to-end encryption as recently prioritized by the XMPP Council.

The Summit is not intended for people who are just interested in learning about XMPP (see the Saturday schedule), but instead for active technical contributors in the XMPP community. If you would like to participate, please say so on the mailing list or contact Peter Saint-Andre. The tentative schedule is 9:30 to 4:30. Location: Hotel Bedford.

The following people are likely to participate:

  1. Alex Borisov (GCMNet)
  2. Thiago Camargo (Nimbuzz)
  3. Diana Cionoiu (Yate Project)
  4. Blaine Cook (Osmosoft)
  5. Dave Cridland (Isode)
  6. Fabio Forno (bluendoooros)
  7. Nathan Fritz (Seesmic)
  8. Alexander Gnauck (AG Software)
  9. Alfonso De Gregorio (
  10. Klaus Hartke (TZI)
  11. Artur Hefczyc (Tigase)
  12. Florian Jensen (Flosoft)
  13. Olle E. Johansson (Edvina AB, Sweden)
  14. Thomas Koeppen (STEADEMY)
  15. Kristian Luoma (Nokia)
  16. Robert McQueen (Collabora)
  17. Alexey Melnikov (Isode)
  18. Dirk Meyer (TZI)
  19. Ralph Meijer (Mediamatic Lab)
  20. Massimiliano Mirra (Sameplace)
  21. Jack Moffitt (StanzIQ)
  22. Edwin Mons
  23. Adam Nemeth
  24. Roberto Ostinelli (OpenSpime)
  25. Jehan Pagès
  26. Sonny Piers (Mozilla Europe)
  27. Marian Podgoreanu (Yate Project)
  28. Johann Prieur (TANDBERG)
  29. Mickaël Rémond (ProcessOne)
  30. Christophe Romain (ProcessOne)
  31. Senko Rasic (Collabora)
  32. Ali Sabil (TANDBERG)
  33. Jérôme Sautret (ProcessOne)
  34. Peter Saint-Andre (XSFCisco)
  35. Jonathan Schleifer
  36. Luca Tagliaferri (bluendoooros)
  37. Simon Tennant (BuddyCloud)
  38. Winfried Tilanus (HelpIM)
  39. Remko Tronçon (Psi Project)
  40. Matthew Wild (
  41. Hellekin O. Wolf
  42. Paul Witty (CodianTANDBERG)
  43. Christopher Zorn (StanzIQ)
  44. Nathan Zorn (StanzIQ)


The Jingle Thingle (Friday) and XMPP Summit (Monday) will take place at the Hotel Bedford, 135-137 rue du Midi, 1000 Brussels (tel +32 2 507 00 00, email -- the URL is here: Friday to TuesdayThursday to Tuesday.

The FOSDEM activities (Saturday and Sunday) will take place at ULB Campus Solbosh, 50 Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1050 Brussels (detalshere).


Join the list to discuss. If you have any questions, ping Peter Saint-Andre.

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