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Annual Meeting Summary

XSF Member Jehan posted this summary to the members mailing list:

Thus the XSF Board and Council members for 2010/2011 shall be elected this 25th of October 2010. And so they were.

As a reminder, the Board is the entity representing externally the XMPP Standards Foundation, in particular in business relations. As for the Council, its members approve the XMPP Extension Protocols, after having been carefully discussed on the various discussion lists and listened to the opinions of our technical readers, whereas they may be XSF members or not, renowned experts or students, or even you, behind your screen.

So who are our brand new representatives? Hey, not that new actually, as the XSF Board keeps all the same four individuals as the previous year — Jack Moffit, Florian Jensen, Will Sheward and Nicolas Vérité — and welcomes additionally Mike Taylor for his first time ever on this role.

On technical side, four out of five XSF Council members are as well simply keeping their role: Kevin Smith, Matthew Wild, Ralph Meijer and Nathanael Fritz. We still welcome Matthew Miller, as for him definitely not a first-timer on this position as he served three consecutive years, long ago, in a time where dinosaurs were ruling the world (2003 to 2006).

Whereas we don't have anyone to regret from the 2009-2010 Board, we would like to thank for their good work those who left their place from the previous Council:

  • Dave Cridland: who actually resigned "because of lack of time” the first of march 2010 after 2.5 years serving the XSF in the Council, but still remaining an active actor of the Foundation.
  • Remko Troncon: who did not re-apply after one year serving the Council and some nice achievements, in particular as a co-writer with Peter Saint-Andre and Kevin Smith of XMPP: The Definitive Guide.

Thanks to both of you!

Let's wish a good year to the new Board and Council, to the XSF and all its members, to XMPP and its users and to healthy Internet Standardization. Because it is written on the web page: we provide real-time collaboration. Yet our collaboration begins here, far before deciding the shape that should take tiny bits for the networks to carry: simply by participating in the XSF "in any role" for the sake of better Standards, but even more in the end, for you.

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