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2010 XMPP Interop Event Update

Monday saw the 2010 XMPP Interop start right up with many of the participants working with Kev (who was wearing his XSF ITeam hat) to establish the base line DNS entries and with MattJ for any CA Certificate items needed. Details can be found on the Interop wiki page and discussions are happening in the chat room which is logged.  A full report will be generated after the event is over and a summary will be posted here.

Each server was represented by one or more developers (or active XSF members) and after installing and configuring the software a number of test accounts were created so that testing could start.

Represented Servers:

We also had quite a few client software teams who participated:

The first day was filled with all of the minutia of setting up each server, getting required DNS SRV entries sorted out, getting required OpenSSL libraries in place to allow for the new SSL Certificates and a couple side-tracks to test things like IPv6 and Jingle ;)

Thanks to everyone participating and making this a great start to the Interop event.  I am reading the logs from the first two days to try and tease out details to report, but for sure the wiki will be the authoritative record of activity and results.

editors note: thanks to Dave and Waqas for edits and suggestions

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