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Google Summer of Code 2011 - we are in!

The XSF has been invited to participate in Google's Summer of Code 2011! Great job by everyone in making our application something the Goog couldn't resist ;)

But now the real work begins! We need the help of XMPP project members in getting a list of summer project ideas together!

So, if you're an XMPP project and would like to participate in GSoC under the XSF's umbrella, please visit the Summer of Code 2011 wiki page and start adding ideas of projects you would like to mentor.

If you're a user of XMPP projects, and have great ideas, please get in contact with the projects and get them excited and involved in the process too.

A longer post will be coming after Kevin and myself get all of the paper work done.

Posted by bear on March, 18, 2011 - filed under misc