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Open Discussion Day - 19 May 2011

A reminder from Ludovic Bocquet that May 19th, 2011 is Open Discussion Day. From their wiki page:

Since 2006, on May 19^th^, we celebrate the Open Discussion Day, a day to promote open communication systems and protocols. Imagine an internet where it is only possible to send emails to people who used the same email provider as you, or only view websites that are hosted on your internet provider's servers. Naturally, these barriers go against the principles of the internet, and thankfully those days are long gone. Well… nearly.

Many people still rely on instant messaging and other networks which lock them in, and prevent them from chatting with their friends on other networks (except where certain "business deals" are made). This is against the spirit of freedom of choice, and works in favor of the network providers, not you, the user.

So imagine an IM network where you are able to choose where you want your account, and who your contacts are. You are in control, and you can even run your own server if you want to!

Something I think everyone in the XSF folks can get behind ;)

Posted by bear on May, 07, 2011 - filed under misc