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Jitsi 2.0 Now Released!

With support for audio and video calls, Jitsi has long had one of the richest Jingle implementations. Now the project has added even more on top of that: Multiparty Video Conferencing.

One of the most prominent new features in the 2.0 release is Multiparty Video Conferencing. Such conferences can work in an ad-hoc mode where one of the clients relays video to everyone else, or in cases that require scalability, Jitsi can use the Jitsi Videobridge: an RTP relaying server controlled over XMPP. That control happens through COLIBRI, a new XMPP extension that the Jitsi community developed for the purpose and that we hope to see submitted as a XEP in the following weeks.

Other interesting features in the new release include support for XEP-0308 (Last Message Correction), support for Opus, VP8 and integration with Microsoft Outlook for presence and calls.

Check out the full announcement and change log at:

You can download Jitsi from:

Posted by Neustradamus on March, 07, 2013 - filed under misc