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XMPP in Google Summer of Code 2015

We've just had the great news that Google have again accepted the XSF to mentor XMPP-related projects in the Google Summer of Code this year. GSoC is a programme whereby Google pays students a stipend to work on open source projects for the summer, and when we're able to participate in this it's a highlight of the year for us. If you are, or know any, talented students with an interest in realtime communication systems we've got a selection of interesting projects at

Our page on the GSoC site is at, and for more information on GSoC in general please see the Google site at

Student applications open on March 16th but that's no reason to delay - come and chat with us about our possible projects with the contact venues listed on

We've got the ideas, we've got the mentors, all we need are a few students to turn this into a great summer for XMPP.

Posted by kev on March, 03, 2015 - filed under misc