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XMPP at the end of the Google Summer of Code 2015

This year we had six students working on disparate projects for GSoC, and we're delighted that all of them were successful! Here we link to a wrapup blog post from each of the students, and a description of their work from their mentors.

We had Adhish Singh working on ...

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Posted by Kev on December, 18, 2015 - filed under misc

XSF GSoC Students 2015

This year, we've been lucky enough to have had many great applications to take part in Google Summer of Code under the XSF. We've selected the following six students/projects and are looking forward to working with them over an exciting summer:

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Posted by kev on April, 28, 2015 - filed under misc

XMPP in Google Summer of Code 2015

We've just had the great news that Google have again accepted the XSF to mentor XMPP-related projects in the Google Summer of Code this year. GSoC is a programme whereby Google pays students a stipend to work on open source projects for the summer, and when we're able ...

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Posted by kev on March, 03, 2015 - filed under misc

Interop event report

From 6th-11th December 2010, the XSF ran its first remote interop event. All client and server projects were invited to attend, and we had a good turnout. The aim of the interop event was to test basic XMPP interoperability, particularly re correct TLS and certificate handling, for both clients and ...

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Posted by kev on December, 14, 2010 - filed under misc

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