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Board goals for 2015

When our newest Board of Directors were elected, they decided that they wanted to set some goals against which their achievements as Board members could be measured.

And so this journey began...

We started by asking the community what THEY cared about and what they wanted the Board to focus ...

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Posted by laura on March, 23, 2015 - filed under misc

Summit 17 - the presentations

A slightly tardy share, but we have the presentations from Summit 17 in Brussels starting to trickle in! As more come in, this post will get longer (and hopefully have a more permanent home on the new site) but here we go:

XMPP Research

With their active blog ...

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Posted by laura on March, 20, 2015 - filed under misc

It’s all about choices and control

"Why should I use XMPP?” is a question we get asked a lot. Our answer is often technically-focussed, as there are plenty of reasons XMPP might be the right choice, or we might explain about the benefits of a federated approach - where everyone can run their own server and control ...

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Posted by laura on January, 26, 2015 - filed under misc

Upcoming events

Until our new website launches with a dedicated 'whats on' section, I wanted to share some events coming up that might be of interest to our community.

Rikard Stridof Clayster is speaking at 2 events in June, focussing in on XMPP and IoT.

Fo those of you over in ...

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Posted by laura on May, 30, 2014 - filed under misc

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