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Eyeball Networks become an XSF Sponsor

We're happy to announce that Eyeball Networks are the latest organisation to become an XSF Sponsor.

Eyeball Networks pioneered the STUN/TURN/ICE device-to-device connection technologies adopted by communications standards including SIP, XMPP, IMS, PacketCable, IBM Sametime, Microsoft Lync, and now WebRTC. You can read more about them here ...

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Posted by willsheward on May, 26, 2015 - filed under misc

An introduction to

At the recent Summit 17, we were very happy to welcome Dominik Renzel and István Koren from the recently launched site The declared mission of the project is to:

"collect and to present scientific research work based on XMPP"

The site, which is a collaboration between RWTH Aachen ...

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Posted by willsheward on March, 03, 2015 - filed under misc

Thank you to new and returning XSF sponsors

We'd like to say a big "thank you" to two companies who have recently signed up as sponsors of the XMPP Standards Foundation.

Erlang Solutions are a new XSF sponsor who specialise in providing businesses with scalable solutions via the creation, integration, delivery and lifetime support of products and ...

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Posted by willsheward on February, 16, 2015 - filed under misc

XMPP Summit 9

The ninth XMPP Summit to be held by the XMPP Standards Foundation was held at OSCON 2010 in Portland, Oregon (USA) on Monday July 19 and Tuesday July 20, 2010.


The following people registered their participation in advance:

  1. lya Braude
  2. Nathan Fritz
  3. Joe Hildebrand
  4. Steffen Larsen
  5. Jérôme Sautret
  6. Jon ...

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Posted by willsheward on December, 01, 2010 - filed under misc

Information Flow in XMPP Clients @ FOSDEM 09

Those who attended FOSDEM would have seen Dave Cridland typing furiously during the day's other XMPP talks when everyone else was paying attention to the speakers. Some might have assumed that this was because Dave hadn't written his presentation until the day he was due to give it ...

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Posted by willsheward on April, 21, 2009 - filed under misc

Personal Media Networks @ FOSDEM 2009

XMPP isn't just about instant messaging - in his talk at FOSDEM, Dirk Meyer explored how XMPP can form the basis of a powerful, yet secure, Personal Media Network - allowing access to your music collection from wherever you are, playing your videos on your friend's TV, and seemlessly integrating ...

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Posted by willsheward on March, 19, 2009 - filed under misc

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