Mailing lists

There are many active discussion venues for Jabber/XMPP developers, system administrators, and end users. These lists are all easily searchable at

For End Users email list — for discussion about use of IM clients (subscribe | archives)

For System Admins email list — for discussion about day-to-day operation of the Jabber/XMPP communications network (subscribe | archives)

For Developers email list — for discussion about software development using Jabber/XMPP technologies (subscribe | archives) email list — for general discussion about XMPP protocols (subscribe | archives) email list — official list for XMPP Working Group discussions at the IETF (subscribe | archives)

Special-Purpose Venues

The following special-purpose mailing lists provide low-volume, high-quality discussion among developers interested in specific aspects of XMPP technologies. email list — for discussion about the use of XMPP in the Internet of Things (subscribe | archives) email list — for discussion about security issues related to XMPP, including encryption, authentication, and spam (subscribe | archives)

All of these venues are completely free and open to any interested individual.