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Coversant provides easy to use, secure collaboration software for security conscious organizations and their partners (more about Coversant)

Erlang Solutions

Erlang Solutions specialises in providing businesses with truly scalable solutions through the creation, integration, delivery and lifetime support of products and services based on the Erlang and Elixir programming languages (more about Erlang Solutions)

Eyeball Networks

Eyeball Networks pioneered the STUN/TURN/ICE device-to-device connection technologies adopted by communications standards including SIP, XMPP, IMS, PacketCable, IBM Sametime, Microsoft Lync, and now WebRTC (more about Eyeball Networks)

Genesys | Angel

Genesys | Angel is a leading provider of cloud-based Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Contact Centers. (more about Genesys | Angel)


Founded in 1954, KOLON industries, one of the biggest corporations in South Korea, has built an extensive global network through 27 affiliated domestic companies and 17 overseas subsidiaries (more about KOLON BENIT)


ProcessOne is a leading provider in messaging platforms made for scale and robustness. ProcessOne is the company that has developed ejabberd, an ubiquitous XMPP server that has been deployed to power some of the largest messaging platform in the world. (more about ProcessOne)

US Secure Hosting Center

USSHC is a privately owned underground secure colocation data center located in the rural Midwestern United States (more about USSHC).


Voxeo helps enterprises improve service and lower costs by automating and connecting their most common phone calls with its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions (more about Voxeo)