Sponsor: Coversant

Industry Leading Performance

Our performance doesn’t only include the ability to send messages quickly but also includes the ability to authenticate clients quickly. While working with one of the world’s largest content provider we’ve reached 120,000 XMPP Publish-Subscribe messages delivered per second.

Industry Leading Scalability and Reliability

Extremely high single server scalability enables our customers to retain a very low TCO for large numbers (hundreds of thousands) of simultaneously connected sessions. Coversant has also spent 5 years researching and developing a true global server load balancing (GSLB) solution to provide true active/active clustering with site independent failover.

Integration, Agility, and Extensibility

Other advantages include our support for in-process server extensions that enable our customers to integrate backend services directly into SoapBox Server. SoapBox SDK Studio is the only fully documented, multi-platform SDK for integrating XMPP based communications into existing applications and building .NET XMPP apps that can be deployed to a variety of platforms, including Windows, Linux, Pocket PC, Smartphone and Flash.


Coversant has 10 years of experience in integrated messaging. The 2012 SoapBox Platform is the 7th Version of our software and nearly all of Coversant’s customers have integrated messaging solutions built on top of the SoapBox Platform. They are not merely instant messaging solutions but high value added commercial solutions.

You can find out more about Conversant by visiting coversant.com.