Sponsor: ProcessOne

ProcessOne is a leading provider in messaging platforms made for scale and robustness.

ProcessOne is the company that have developed ejabberd, an ubiquitous XMPP server that has been deployed to power some of the largest messaging platform in the world.

Used for chat, social network, gaming, machine to machine, the platform is versatile, feature complete and highly customizable.

Developed and supported by a team of experts with 15 years of experience in messaging and highly robust and scalable system, ProcessOne platform is available as a Service, as the most reliable way and cost effective solution to deploy a XMPP based service.

ProcessOne has developed in-house expertise on iOS and Android since 2008 to be able to produce platforms and services optimize for mobile usages.

Beyond XMPP we expanded our reach to push notification and websockets, making our platform usable for a very broad scope in the field of realtime in-app messaging.

Scalability, robustness and mobile optimizations make our platform the safest choice today for reaching the largest and more demanding user bases.

You can find out more about ProcessOne by visiting process-one.net.